4K Sports Action Camera SOOCOO S200 with WiFi/ Voice Control External Mic GPS/ 2.45 inch Touch LCD Screen

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  • Sony IMX078 Sensor and 7 layer glasses lensThis camera adopts Sony IMX078 sensor-one of the most efficient and intelligent sensors for action camera. As the 3rd generation backside-illuminated(BSI) sensor,it has a great performance on low-light performance,frame speed and power consumption.

  • Built in Gyro Stabilization- Gyro stabilization rounds out bumps in the road. Turn Gyro on when shooting video. Gyro is useful when shooting video when there is upwards and downwards motion. Whether you are recording using S200 while biking, FPV or dash cam, Gyro will make your video that much more smooth. 

  • External GPS Function- Track your race, analyze your driving performance
  • Integrated 2.45' TFT Screen- The importance of a touch screen on an action camera with as many features cannot be overemphasized. Navigate using 2.45-inch touch screen shortcuts and be ready to shoot your legendary footage in a seconds notice.
  • High Definition Audio Record Technology- Makes the video sounds more clear than other action camera.  If you want a camera with best sounds record, SOOCOO S200 is your need!

  • Shoot, Edit, and Share like a Pro- Quick and convenient video editing and music options. It's simple enough for beginners to use!