20pcs/set Sugar Craft Cake Decorating Fondant Crimper Tool Set

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Perfect Tool for Decorating your Cakes with!

Crimp the edges of your cake for a beautiful and elegant look!

  • CRIMPERS- Straight, wavy, frilled, ridged- our set of 20 crimpers will give you all the affects you could want. 10 flat tipped and 10 serrated tipped.
  • CONTROL- Made from food safe, sturdy plastic, each crimper has a rubber ring for maximum control and consistency when used with fondant.
  • SIZE- Each crimper measures 10cm/ 4inches in length with a 1.5-2cm/0.75-1inch head.
  • TOP EDGE- These tools can give you the professional edging you want on your cakes. Perfect for Special occasion cakes.